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The Shipman Mansion is open for tours on the first weekend of the month during April - November from 1-4 on Saturday and Sundays.  For appointments at other times, please call 856-986-7969. 

The Shipman Mansion is located at 221 Edgewater Avenue in Edgewater Park, NJ.  

2019 Events

September 25

The Delaware River, as the song says, is deep and wide and Pennsylvania is on the other side, but it wasn’t always that way, as guests will learn Sept. 25 at the next Shipman Mansion Foundation lecture at the Red Dragon Canoe Club in Edgewater Park.

Geologist Pierre Lacombe will unveil the history of our favorite river, going 20 million years back and, for more recent comparisons, 100 years.

Then, in 1919, the river was 15 to 20 feet deep. Its flow “was at the whim of the seasons, and islands of feces floated down the river.”

Today, with dredging, the river is, in its shipping channel, more than 40 feet deep. Lacombe, who is retired from the U.S. Geologic Survey, will explain how the Delaware’s flow is now regulated and will delve into the renewed cleanliness of the currents, which now permit the migration of diadromous fish to their spawning grounds.

Lacombe’s talk will benefit from the assist of Red Dragon member Bill Matulewicz and will begin at 7 p.m. at the Red Dragon, 221 Edgewater Avenue. Lacombe has, for the past 35 years, investigated the geology and hydrology of New Jersey and has authored several technical reports on the topic.

Lacombe’s program is the first in the fall series of lectures, presented free to the public, by the Shipman Mansion Foundation, a charitable non-profit created to fund the restoration of the 1869 mansion and to research, preserve and present to the public the cultural, architectural and maritime heritage of the Edgewater Park area.

October 23

The history of a place can be traced through its artifacts. On Wednesday, October 23, the history of the Delaware River will be revealed through the story of one of its long-lost sailboats, the Corinthian One Design, in a program that begins at 7 p.m. in the Shipman Mansion, 221 Edgewater Avenue, Edgewater Park, N.J.

John Brady, president and chief executive of Philadelphia’s Independence Seaport Museum, is overseeing the reclamation of two Corinthian sloops. His talk, free to the public and presented by the non-profit Shipman Mansion Foundation, is informed by his knowledge both of the sloop and of the history of the river on which she was designed to sail.

Corinthian sloops were commissioned in 1949 by the Corinthian Yacht Club in celebration of the peace following World War II and environmental efforts at the time to clean the nearby Schuylkill River of a century of accumulated coal dust. Eight of the 23-foot wooden boats were built in Holland and brought to the Delaware River to race near Tinicum Island, just south of what is now Philadelphia International Airport.

Brady’s talk will delve into the design of the boats and the environmental deficiencies in the Delaware that would shape the history of Corinthian sloop competition and river restoration.

The program, the second in the autumn 2019 series, is offered by the tax-exempt Shipman Mansion Foundation in the furtherance of its mission: the  restoration of the 1869 mansion – home to the Red Dragon Canoe Club – as well as the examination, preservation and presentation to the public of the architectural, cultural and maritime heritage of Edgewater Park and its environs.

November 13 - TBD





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You may wear many hats in your life, but have you ever worn a Mummer’s hat? Your chance comes on Tuesday, March 31, when the Shipman Mansion Foundation in Edgewater Park hosts The Secret Life of Mummers: Tradition; Family and Commitment. Alan Visitacion has been a Mummer for 35 years and is in the Mummer’s Hall of Fame with the Woodland String Band, with which he has played the alto saxophone for the last quarter century. Visitacion, from Edgewater Park, will bring Mummer costumes and head gear – which he has offered to make available for photos, should you choose to wear one. In a program that promises to visit all that New Year’s Day jargon, Visitacion will explain “2-Street,” demonstrate the Mummer’s Strut and identify the many Mummer “divisions” while focusing on the history of string bands. It turns out that there are some important rules for those parading through Philadelphia, which he will explore. And the parade has had many routes, which he’ll trace in a program that promises something new for everyone, including music. Oh, dem golden slippers! The Secret Life of Mummers begins at 7 p.m. at the Shipman Mansion, 221 Edgewater Avenue, Edgewater Park. With this event, The Shipman Mansion Foundation begins its third year of free programs for the public. The next program, Preparing for a Solo Offshore Passage, will be April 28 and will introduce sailors, armchair and actual, to the many steps that one should undertake to prepare sailboat and self for a singlehanded blue-water voyage. Speaker Doug Campbell has completed two singlehanded voyages to Bermuda as well as numerous coastal passages. The Shipman Mansion Foundation was formed to introduce the community to local history and the cultural roots of the area while raising funds to preserve the Shipman Mansion, which is on the state and federal Registers of Historic Places. Admission is always free and deserts are provided. Tax-deductible donations to the Shipman Mansion Foundation are encouraged and will be accepted during the program.